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Sun. Jun 16th, 2019



Top 5 Richest Countries in the World 2018

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Konevi / Pixabay

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The world is getting richer: The global economy expanded by more than 3 percent to $80.68 trillion in 2017. But that wealth is not distributed equally. Using data from the World Bank, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed the GNI per capita of about 180 nations to identify the 25 richest countries. Here are the top 5.


  1. GNI per capita: $128,060.
  2. GNI per capita: $90,570.
  3. Brunei Darussalam. GNI per capita: $83,760.
  4. GNI per capita: $83,310.
  5. United Arab Emirates. GNI per capita: $74,410.

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