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Top 5 Destinations to Study a Computer Science & IT Master’s degree 2018

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Ever since 1946, when the first computer was finished, people have dedicated time and effort to make it even smarter and faster.

Since then, interest in IT has never dropped, being one of the most popular careers students opt for.

The most sought-after countries for a Master’s degree in Computer Science & IT are:

1.     The United States;

2.     Poland;

3.     Belgium;

4.     France;

5.     Italy;


In these countries, some notable universities are:

  • Aalborg University, in Aalborg, Denmark
  • Harvard Extension School, Harvard University, in Cambridge, United States
  • ESIEE Paris, in Paris, France
  • Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, in Bolzano – Bozen, Italy

Some of the most reliable online courses in Computer Science & IT are:

  • Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech);
  • University of Liverpool;
  • Falmouth University.

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