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Mon. Aug 19th, 2019



Top 5 Countries for Starting A Career 2019

GooseB / Pixabay

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The U.S. News ranking looked at how nearly 7,000 millennials (defined as adults less than 35 years old) scored countries on seven criteria: job market, economic stability, entrepreneurial atmosphere, income equality, innovation, progressiveness, and whether they wanted to live there. Well, the best countries to start a career are…

  • Qatar
    Capital: Doha
    GDP: $167.6 billion
    Population: 2.6 million
  • Turkey
    Capital: Ankara
    GDP: $851.1 billion
    Population: 80.7 million
  • United Arab Emirates
    Capital: Abu Dhabi
    GDP: $382.6 billion
    Population: 9.4 million
  • Russia
    Capital: Moscow
    GDP: $1.6 trillion
    Population: 144.5 million
  • France
    Capital: Paris
    GDP: $2.6 trillion
    Population: 67.1 million

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