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Thu. Jul 18th, 2019



5 Tips to Spice up Your Vacation

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Fun ways to amp your sex life during your vacation.

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1.     Share showers

Whether you’re washing off chlorine or sweat from a day out and about, or rinsing off before you hit the beach, take advantage of every chance you get to shower together. There’s nothing more erotic than a soapy, steamy rubdown from the one you love. In addition, hotel bathrooms are usually really nice, include huge marble bath tubs, steam up pretty easily, and have massive mirrors. Perfect for sexy time.

2.     Feed each other

Food can be a great aphrodisiac. Tempt your taste buds with exotic menu choices, but don’t plan on dining out every single night you’re there. Pick up dinner one evening and take it back to the room, or the beach, where you can eat by candlelight while you feed each other slowly, course-by-course.

3.     Get drunk together

When you and your partner first met, chances are you drank a lot more. But now that you’ve both settled into your routines, live together, and spend a lot of time at work, the drinking has probably subsided. We’re not advocating binge drinking as a regular thing but sometimes it’s nice just to get wasted together and do silly things.

4.     Spend the day in

Sleep in, have sex, watch bad TV, have one too many mimosas, and order room service all day long. Cap it off by taking a hot bath together.

5.     Pump up the adrenaline

Sharing an exhilarating experience will cause your adrenaline to rush which creates feelings of intimacy and lust. Take a day to try a new activity you’ve never done before (this time I’m talking outside the hotel room). Activities like hiking, surfing and skydiving will get your blood pumping, making you more amped up when you get back to your room. Think of it like a day of foreplay that leads to a night of passionate sex. The novelty and spontaneity of trying something new are the essential keys to desire (and that hot sex you had in the beginning).


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