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5 Tips for Packing Books

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How to move with your masses of books

1.      Find a sturdy box

When you’ve identified the books you are taking with you, you’ll want to find a small, sturdy box to keep your books safe and manageable. It is recommended that you properly distribute the weight of your load by packing similarly-sized books with spines alternating up and down.

2.      Prepare the box for packing

If you buy new boxes, you will need to put them together first. Make sure you seal the bottom well by doubling the amount of tape. If you’re using a recycled box, always tape the bottom again with packing tape to make sure it’ll hold

3.      Scale back the size of your book collection as much as possible.

Carefully evaluate your collection for books that you could live without. More than likely there are some you could bear to part with, especially when you consider the cost of moving them. Books typically cost more to move per square foot than other belongings, due to their density.

4.      Pack strategically and label judiciously

When you get ready to pack your books, pack strategically. Keep books that are shelved together in the same boxes so you’re not digging around for books that go together while you’re unpacking. And take some time to label your boxes in a way that makes sense to you.

5.      Pack carefully

If your books will be in storage before or after your move, pack the books spine down to protect them. You can also lay books flat or pack them standing up. Expensively bound volumes or those of special sentimental value like picture albums should be individually wrapped before packing. They should also be separated with cardboard to ensure that the spines remain straight during transit and side-to-side friction does not damage the cover.

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