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5 Summer Weekend Getaways

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From the popular British colony to the South American capital city, these are some of the best places to go to for summer weekend trip.

1.      Bermuda

Among the wealthiest isles on earth, this land of coral walls, pastel cottages, and pleasant locals in shorts hasn’t changed much since Queen Elizabeth II first visited, in 1953. “It’s a place that can erase your memories of the modern world,” says one New Yorker who retreats to this British colony throughout the year.

2.      Mexico City

The high elevation of this buzzing megalopolis keeps days crisp and cool—making it a welcome retreat during summer. The Condesa district is Mexico City’s answer to SoHo, alive with outdoor cafés and a vibrant nightlife

3.      Barcelona

Spain’s reigning city of style peaks in the summer, when long siestas give way to dining at midnight, dancing until dawn, then sleeping until lunchtime. Once you land, there’s no need to shift the body clock.

4.      Las Vegas

The culinary scene has evolved: world-class chefs have been bypassing bigger cities to cater to an increasing number of visitors intent on spending their time at gastronomic—rather than gaming—tables. Still, most top restaurants are inside casinos, so the slots are never far away.

5.      Buenos Aires

Onetime home to legendary tango crooner Carlos Gardel, Buenos Aires’s Abasto neighborhood is—like the music—experiencing a revival. Immerse yourself in the history of tango culture at Gardel’s former residence, Museo Casa Carlos Gardel.

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