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5 Packing Tips for Women

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How women can make packing easier while traveling

1.      Bring things that make life easier and suitcases lighter

The very packable slippers above can make it possible to pack one thing smaller than three pairs of footwear but can serve as all 3 kinds.

2.      Never pack more than two pairs of shoes

One pair of comfortable walking shoes and a pair sandals from Teva or Keen are all you need.

3.      Accessorize

Wear a scarf, bring a few pairs of earrings, pack the bangles. These will help spruce up your outfits and make you feel like you’re wearing something different each day.

4.      Carry only 2 or 3 pairs of socks and underwear

There’s no reason to have a full week’s worth of undies and socks when rinsing them out in a sink is so easy. Some of the best underwear for travel comes from ExOfficio. These are moisture wicking and quick drying. You can easily rinse them out and night and they’ll be dry by morning.

5.      Tasteful, practical, but not memory-searing, clothes

It’s extra credit if the clothes you bring can be laundered and don’t need to be ironed. On long trips it’s a waste of space to take things you can only wear once. (One exception might be if you’re the bride and insisting on taking your gown.) At least take underwear that in a pinch you can launder in the sink with some shampoo and hang to dry in the shower. And remember that sometimes paying for something to be washed or dry cleaned while traveling can still be a better choice than packing (or buying) additional clothes.


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