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5 Packing Tips for Men

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How to pack for men preparing to travel

1.      Take care of your laundry

It may seem simple, but do your laundry before you start to pack. First, you won’t find out that you only have three clean pairs of underwear to pack the night before your trip. Second, you can take your fresh, folded laundry and pack it in our suitcase to avoid wrinkles.

2.      Pack extra essentials

Some men (though certainly not all) have it in their heads that packing is a sort of primal challenge to see who can pack the fewest clothes possible. This is absurd. If anything, you should throw in at least an extra pair of socks and underwear plus an extra T-shirt or undershirt. Why? Things happen. It rains. You spill wine on yourself. Maybe you tumble down a hill, I don’t know. All sorts of unexpected misfortune can creep up on you, and it’s worth it to be prepared.

3.      Keep your technology organized

Let’s be honest here, you’ll have more than one charger for more than one device. Keep your cords organized in a small bag and always bring an extra charger for your cellphone or tablet. Place one charger in your carry on and one in your checked bag just in case.

4.      If you need to pack a suit coat or sports coat, wear it.

Don’t pack it–if you’re flying, you may even discover you’ll get upgraded if you look the part. Black pants and jeans are your best friend–they go with almost everything. Use a belt to keep collared shirts from creasing or wrinkling. Wrap a belt into a small circle, and place it in the collar of your shirt.

5.      Bring interchangeable parts

Bring a sweater that’s comfortable enough for sightseeing but sharp enough for dinner. Pack shoes that will work for business meetings, but that you won’t mind wearing to the bar with jeans and a T-shirt. Traveling for a wedding and have to go to a rehearsal dinner and family brunch in addition to the ceremony itself? Throw together some combinations that utilize your suit jacket and pants separately so you don’t have to pack multiple blazers or dress pants.


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