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5 Most Popular Foods in Shenzhen

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These are the most commonly food eaten by locals in Shenzhen; you can’t afford to miss any.

1.      Dim sum

Of all foods of Cantonese cuisine, dim sum is the favorite of foreigners in the Cantonese areas. You can enjoy small morsels of food with tea at breakfast or lunch time. These are usually served in a small bowl or basket. Tea is also an important element of a traditional dim sum meal or snack. Diners may choose from green, oolong, jasmine, chrysanthemum, or other types of tea.

2.      Cantonese Congee

Congee is a typical Cantonese food that many people eat daily. It is basically a soup made from rice and bits of other ingredients. To Western tastes, it is quite bland and seems like over watery rice, but many locals eat it daily for breakfast, snacks, and as part of lunch and dinner.

3.      Hot Pots

Hot pot restaurants are best for small groups of friends or family. This way of eating isn’t Cantonese, but is common in Sichuan and other provinces. You can enjoy socializing as the Chinese do by sitting around a table with a big pot boiling in the middle. You’ll select a group of ingredients to boil with the help of the waiter. Then diners put the ingredients into the pot and eat from it. This may sound like a strange way to have a meal, but it is a fun an interesting activity, and you can experiment with the flavors yourself and concoct your own masterpiece soup.

4.      Stir-fry Dishes

People around the world have learned to like Chinese stir-fry dishes though the flavors and ingredients are not authentic and unusual as authentically prepared Chinese stir-fry are. Sichuan people love stir-fry dishes, and they make it memorable and interesting: spicy hot and mouth numbing. But you can ask them to hold back on the spices.

5.      Pizza

After eating Chinese food for a while, you might yearn for the taste of diary and cheese and want calorie packed pizza. Foreigners who love pizza can find pizza at the Pizza Hut chain restaurants and at authentic Italian restaurants as well.



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