5 Most Beautiful Cities in Europe for Christmas Markets

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1.      Zagreb, Croatia

For the third consecutive year, Zagreb sits atop the European Best Destinations list of the Best Christmas markets, based on thousands of travelers’ votes. The secret of the capital of Croatia’s success includes high-quality crafts, a friendly and festive atmosphere, concerts, ice skating rinks and affordable prices.

Open from December 1 to January 6.

2.      Helsinki, Finland

The Christmas market held during the “Pikkujoulu” (Christmas Season) in Finland’s medieval capital offers many of the traditional scenes in a Christmas card: snow that usually falls appropriately around the dates of the market, draping the city in white, holiday lights illuminating the main streets, 100-plus wooden stalls bursting with handicrafts, lanterns, decorations, pine-and-birch tar candles, carved wooden kuksa mugs and contemporary jewelry, among other items, and a beautiful, historical carousel in the center of the market.

Open from December 1 to 22.

3.      Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

The capital of the only Grand Duchy in the world offers one of the oldest and most traditional Christmas markets in Europe. For a month, Luxembourg City turns three principal places into a Christmas village: its main square, the Place d’Armes in the city’s beautiful center, the Place de la Constitution and the Place de Paris.

Open from November 22 to December 24.

4.      Strasbourg

Strasbourg is recognized as the “Capital of Christmas” for its spectacular street decorations, lights and Christmas markets full of traditional Alsatian crafts and food specialties, concerts, a living nativity, a majestic Christmas tree, music and cultural events – the main one  in front of the picturesque cathedral.

Open from November 23 to December 30.

5.      Tallinn, Estonia

A stunning and unspoiled medieval architecture that turns white with snow makes for classic photos. The Christmas market around the historic town square boasts a special atmosphere, with a towering tree installed in front of the town hall every year since 1441, more than 60 wooden huts selling wreaths, handcrafted toys, sheepskin rugs, many local products and enough mulled wine to warm everybody braving the weather.

Open from November 24 to January 5.

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