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5 Health Tips for Travelers in Shenzhen

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Hospitals & clinics in Shenzhen vary in quality, consistency and specialties offered. For long-term expatriates and for newcomers to Shenzhen, International SOS recommends the following.

1.      Have your medical insurance in place

Make sure one has medical insurance in place (plan coverage details and payment options; process of filing claims and reimbursement; are evacuations & repatriations covered, etc.).

2.      Learn as much as possible about the area you live.

  • climate peculiarities (altitude, seasonal changes, potentially risky animals and insects);
  • pay a visit to a few local hospitals, know their addresses, emergency entrance, etc.;
  • find out if dental/pediatric services are available in the area;

3.      Carry an information card

Carry an information card/note, written in both English and a local language with you, along with your name, basic medical information (blood type, allergies, etc.) and emergency contact phone numbers.

4.      Carefully plan your itinerary

Plan your itinerary carefully, have your documents (ID, insurance policy records, medical records) copied and saved, so, in an emergency or if documents are lost, someone can get access to them and retrieve necessary information.

5.      Seeking medical assistance

Ensure that people who work and travel with you (family, driver or office assistant) know how to seek medical assistance as they may be the only people able to help you when in need.



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