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5 Best Summer Destinations in the UK 2019

diego_torres / Pixabay

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From Snowdonia to Belfast, discover the best places in the UK to visit for a memorable summer holiday, according to Alyaka.


If you look forward to getting up close with nature plus engaging in a lot of activities, Snowdonia relatively serene location in North Wales, Snowdonia is geared towards making memorable experiences with Mother Nature.


Referred to as a classic Victorian town, it offers beautiful beaches plus a lot more! You’re sure to get your dose of holiday fun even with limited time as it hosts recreational areas from golf courses, theatres, casinos to botanical gardens.

Scottish Highlands

Embark on a different adventure in the Scottish Highlands. If you have grown tired of theme parks and you don’t feel like exploring coastlines, you can check out landscapes and natural sights that don’t fall short in bringing a homey feel.


Whether you’re hoping to experience its rich culture, find entertainment for the whole family, or attend all sorts of festivals, you’re sure to find it in Edinburgh.


Want to experience Irish culture? Belfast is the place to go. Aside from its rich history, it also offers what holiday-goers usually look for–activities, festivals, landmarks, and even culinary treats.

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