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5 Best Europe Destinations for Backpackers 2018

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Here’s a list of the top destinations in Europe for Backpackers, according to Hostelworld.

1.     Iceland

Home to the Blue Lagoon, geysers, and Bjork, this tiny Island nation is still relatively undiscovered as backpacker destinations go, but it offers travelers a chance to experience the true beauty of the natural world. Perhaps the biggest draw of Iceland is the simply breathtaking Northern Lights.

2.     Scotland

With it’s stunning landscapes and not so stunning weather, Scotland is for the Brave-hearted (haha, get it?!) With two buzzing cities to conquer and an abundance of sweeping countryside, Scotland should not be overlooked by anyone planning a UK visit.

3.     Croatia

A popular summer destination for travelers looking to bask on the sands of the Dalmatian Coast, Croatia has created excitement among a certain group of TV fans. Forget Netflix and chillin’ in your hostel dorm, get out and explore Croatia’s awesome Game of Thrones filming locations!

4.     Spain

Spain tends to enjoy delightful sunshine all year round, albeit slightly milder in the winter months. If you’re looking for scorching heat be sure to visit Spain in August, just remember your sunscreen!

5.     Portugal

The unique blend of nightlife, passion and love of life has lead backpackers to Portugal time and time again. Travelers feel at home in Portugal, even if they’ve never visited before! Be warned: the nightlife starts late, so be prepared to see the sunrise and make the most of your afternoon nap!

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