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5 Best Destinations to Travel in December 2018

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5 Best Destinations to Travel in December 2018

From Tel Aviv to Moscow, these are some of the top places to visit in December 2018, according to Evening Standard.

1.      Tel Aviv, Israel

Once you’re there soak up the sea air at one of the sparkling beaches on a shoreline that stretches 14 kilometers along the Mediterranean coast. Have a dip in the ocean before enjoying a sundowner while watching a glorious sunset.

When night falls, the beachfronts turn into hedonistic watering holes where you can quench your thirst before moving on into the city to a rooftop bar or underground club.

2.      Zermatt, Switzerland

While chasing the winter sun is all well and good, sometimes it’s best to embrace the cold – and do so properly. This is why we recommend a trip to Zermatt, Switzerland’s perpetually open ski resort that peaks over the winter months.

Switzerland’s highest ski resort offers 360 kilometers of blue, red, black and yellow runs. The charm of Swiss village streets and weathered chalets coupled with views on the slopes of the world’s most photogenic mountain – the Matterhorn – make Zermatt extremely enchanting.

3.      Goa, India

India’s most liberal region, Goa, doesn’t do Christmas by halves. In the lead up to the festive holiday, you’ll find a number of street stalls filled with bright and sparkling Christmas decorations, tinsel hanging from every nook and fairy lights adorning the streets.

The famous beachside area experiences 33C temperatures in December, and on the streets you’ll find a mix of Indian and Portuguese colonial architecture.

4.      Lyon, France

Lyon comes alive in December with its famed Fête des Lumières (Festival of Lights) which takes place early in the month each year. The Lyonnaise tradition dictates that every house place candles along the outsides of all the windows during the festival which makes for spectacular scenes.

Over 80 light installations adorn the city’s famous monuments and buildings during the period, marking the annual visual feast.

5.      Moscow, Russia

With guaranteed below-zero temperatures, this is certainly not the place to go if you’re after a bit of summer sun. But, winter is when Moscow shines and you’ll never forget the experience of witnessing a snow-capped St Basil’s Cathedral first-hand.

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