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5 Best Destinations in Europe 2018

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The best places to visit in Europe selected by travelers, according to the official Europe’s Best Destinations website.

1.     Wroclaw, Poland

This beautiful city, called the “Polish Venice” is surrounded with canals and is dotted with more than 120 bridges that link 12 wonderful islands (among which the Cathedral island).

2.     Bilbao, Spain

This destination is amazing; the atmosphere in the city cannot be captured by pictures or words. Bilbao is ever changing, evolutive and open to the world;  unlike many cities in Europe it attracts families with children and grandchildren ; they enjoy the sweetness of the evenings and stroll through the nice streets and alleys of the “Casco Viejo”, the historic center of Bilbao.

3.     Colmar, France

Colmar really makes travelers from all over the world dream. Some who have had the chance to visit it, know the “Petite Venise”, the “Quai des Poissoniers”, the neighborhood of tanners, its architecture, gastronomy and charming hotels. Colmar is perfect for young and old and the Alsace region is one of the most beautiful regions in Europe.

4.     Hvar, Croatia

Hvar is probably the most beautiful island in Europe. Famous people, crowned heads, artists and travelers from all over the world love it and voted overwhelmingly for this destination that combines quality of life, sumptuous landscapes, crystal clear waters, sun, gastronomy and cultural heritage.

5.     Riga, Latvia

You will be dazzled by the incredible beauty of Riga. This city has always been a crossroads of different cultures. The city is also connected to nature, water and forests. You may not know that Riga has beautiful islands, beaches and hills. Its architecture is stunning too.

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