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5 Best Destinations for Teaching in Africa

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Anywhere you like! If all that choice is overwhelming, think about the kind of lifestyle you’d like to experience to help you narrow it down. Researching everything from the cuisine to the climate will help you work out exactly where might be the right place for you on this vast continent. To help you get started, here are a few popular destinations:


1.    Rwanda

In recent years Rwanda has been making big improvements to its education system, making English the primary language of instruction in schools. This means there is a demand for teachers all over the country whether you see yourself exploring jungles in the north or sipping local coffee in the capital Kigali.


2.    Kenya

Kenya’s natural beauty makes it a hugely popular tourist destination, but there are also tons of teaching opportunities there often working with kids in rural and semi-urban areas.


3.    Morocco

French and Arabic speaking Morocco is known for cities steeped in history and culture and its diverse natural beauty including deserts, mountains, and beaches. Jobs are available throughout the country, with the American Language CenterBritish Council, and Amideast and all known to be great employers.


4.    Egypt

The historical wonders of Egypt need no introduction but beyond the pyramids there are plenty of teaching jobs in major cities Cairo and Alexandria, and some opportunities in smaller cities too. It’s more common to find a job in person than online, and in general, the cost of living should allow you a comfortable lifestyle on your teaching salary.


5.    Senegal

Senegal is a tropical, francophone country in western Africa known for its beautiful beaches and delicious cuisine. Most TEFL positions are based in the buzzing capital, Dakar.




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