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5 Best Destinations for Summer Holidays 2019

robert_marinkovic / Pixabay

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From Tulum to Phuket, here are the best places to visit for an unforgettable summer vacation according to The Bouqs Company.

Tulum, Mexico

If your dream vacation is relaxing on warm, plush sands surrounded by crystal clear waters, then Tulum just might be the perfect destination for you! But apart from pristine beaches, this city in Mexico is also known for some colorful nightlife, amazing cuisine and unique culture.

Venice, Italy

Venice is a place that everyone should see at least once in their life, and there’s almost no question why. The city itself is beautiful, woven together with canals and filled with historic buildings.

Banff, Alberta

Located in Alberta, Canada, this resort town is surrounded by picturesque forestry, crystal clear lakes and an abundance of crisp, fresh air! So if you’re ready to hike and explore the great outdoors, then you know where to book your next flight to.

Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb, the vibrant capital of Croatia, may be one of those places you should put on your itinerary. Not only is it a beautiful city full of history and culture, you are also two hours from one of the world’s most gorgeous attractions: Plitvice Lakes National Park!

Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is probably one of the best places for the ultimate island getaway! It’s home to an abundance of upscale seaside resorts, amazing cuisine, and picturesque views – what isn’t there to love already? You just might never want to leave.


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