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5 Best Destinations for Stag Party in Europe 2018

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From Prague to Sofia, these are the best European cities for stag parties in 2018, according to EVENTHUSE.

1.     Prague

Prague has long held a firm position as one of Europe’s leading stag do destinations for groups looking for a fun-filled, cheap and cheerful, hedonism infused weekend away.

2.     Budapest

At first glance Hungary’s capital might seem a little straight-laced or uptight, but scratch beneath the surface of the city and uncover an undeniably alternative, decidedly quirky, unquestionably hip side to Budapest, that makes it a hugely popular destination for stag groups looking for adventure.

3.     Amsterdam

Amsterdam needs no introduction. With its lenient, open-minded policies, its world-famous red-light district, its embracing of all counter cultures and its hardcore party scene, it is easy to see why this destination is a firm favorite amongst the stag scene in Europe.

4.     Bucharest

Bucharest is one of those dream destinations that combines cheap beer and epic nightlife, with an off-the-beaten-track vibe and a sense of excitement and adventure. Although the area is starting to get noticed by stag groups in the know, it still has an element of the unknown about it.The old town area is packed with awesome bars, pubs and clubs and stag groups are welcomed with open arms, not least by the friendly local ladies.

5.     Sofia

The capital of Bulgaria is a hidden secret in the midst of Eastern Europe that is set to explode onto the stag scene in 2018. Stay ahead of the crowds and book yourselves in early for a stag adventure in this budget friendly haven of hedonistic nightlife and epic stag action. Beers are cheap, activities are diverse and plentiful and the options are endless!

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