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Mon. May 27th, 2019



5 Best Destinations for Nature Lovers

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From Speck on the Globe, the top destinations for landscape lovers, road trip lovers, outdoor lovers, animal lovers and mountain lovers.

1.     Landscape Lovers United States National Parks

The US has parks across the country, perfect for any nature lover.  There are 58 major National Parks in America so you could essentially take years just visiting different US parks as your vacation time.  It’s an opportunity to learn more about your own backyard, and an iconic way to see the country as a visitor.  A great attribute of the parks are that they make them accessible to all types of visitors.  Go for a short walk, pack a picnic, take a hike or camp, there is something for anyone who appreciates nature or wants to dip your toes into more outdoor activities.

Park Tip:  Don’t forget that each state also has their own park system.  There are over 10,000 state parks in the US, many just as beautiful as their National park counterparts.  Use the National Park Service website to find your park.

2.     Road trip Lovers Trip Through Iceland

The Ring Road is an unforgettable way to witness the magic of nature.  This makes Iceland one of the most popular vacations for nature lovers.  It is essentially a road trip that circles the island, starting & ending in Reykjavik.  Be prepared to stop every few minutes, the scenery even on the roadside is so unbelievable!  There are several ways to take the tour, either by bus, a tour or on your own.  Iceland in recent years has seen a serious influx in visitors, many coming for a few days on a “stop over” flight.  Over-tourism is a major problem for several destinations so when we do intend to visit these popular vacations for nature lovers, to make sure we are protecting the landscapes that brought us there in the first place.

Travel Tip:  Make sure you find out when the best weather is depending on what you are looking for in your trip.  July & August have great weather.  I was there in the winter which is optimal for viewing the Northern Lights.

3.     Outdoor Lovers Camp in Norway

Summer is the best time for a camper to spend time in Northern Norway.  The Lofoten Islands are a prime location to see a less populated region of the country, drama inducing landscapes and challenging hikes.  The islands spread out over the Norwegian Sea and offer up a view of what life is like above the Arctic Circle.  If that doesn’t sell you, the sticky buns that are baked there surely will.

When to go:  In the summer the Midnight Sun is a unique time to visit, the sun practically never sets giving you days of soft light, a natural occurrence only found in the Arctic Circle and Antarctic Circle region of the Earth.

4.     Animal Lovers Safari in Botswana

Chobe National Park is known to be one of the best parks for viewing wildlife in the world.  The Okavango Delta is a region full of diverse species of birds, mammals and reptiles alike.  African safari is likely to be found on any nature or animal lovers vacation list and one of the first place I’d recommend is Botswana.  Be ready for a few days of long bumpy rides, the savannah isn’t always the most comfortable but it’s the most rewarding.  Aside from the Rhinoceros, over a few good days you’ll be able to see all the famous animals that brought you Africa.

Safari Tip: The Big 5 is not the biggest animals, but the ones hunters had said to be the most dangerous to kill.  Elephants, Buffalo, Leopards, Lions and Rhinoceros are all members of the five.  There are other amazing creatures on the continent so I encourage you to keep your eyes on the look out for creatures big and small!

5.     Mountain Lovers Hiking through Himalayas

The Himalayas are the ultimate vacation spot for avid hikers and nature lovers.  The mountain range is the reason the phrase jaw dropping was created.  I challenge you to find more inspiring view.  Nepal & Bhutan are 2 of the 6 countries where nature lovers can vacation and enjoy the mountains.  The Himalayan Mountain range is home to the tallest mountain in the world, the famed Everest.  The range covers 1,500 miles so if Mt. Everest is intimidating to you, there are dozens of other different hikes and treks you can choose.

The Secret Weapon of the Himalayas:  Bhutan is a small country that is visited by few tourists.  It’s a great opportunity to vacation in a country that has sustainability and cultural preservation at the forefront


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