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5 Best Cruise Destinations in the World 2019

Julius_Silver / Pixabay

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From Avignon to Singapore, these are the best cruise destinations, according to the Cruise Critics Awards

Avignon, France

This quaint little French city located in southeastern France’s Provence region has become a popular stop on Rhone River cruise itineraries over the years. For history lovers, it’s also home to the Palace of Popes, the papal residence during the 14th century.

Bora Bora

This small South Pacific island northwest of Tahiti is a popular honeymoon destination for cruisers as well as avid snorkelers and divers. The best perk about cruising to this island instead of a land-based vacation is that it’s usually cheaper and most ships typically stay in port for more than one day.

Glacier Bay, Alaska

While cruise ships that visit Glacier Bay never get to dock at the port, they do sail through Glacier Bay National Park, giving travelers an incredible and intimate view of the National Monument’s glaciers, fijords and wildlife.

Vienna, Austria

As the largest city and capital of Austria, Vienna has always been a popular spot for those cruising along the Danube River. McDaniel says travelers are drawn to the city’s historic palaces and incredible architecture. Most cruises include an overnight stay in the city so passengers can check out its vibrant nightlife.


This island city-state located in Southeast Asia has grown into a popular cruise destination over the years. For those looking to spend a longer time in Singapore, there are many cruises that depart directly from the city so travelers can arrive a few days before setting sail to take full advantage of what the city has to offer.

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