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5 Best Beaches in Kenya

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Kenya coastline has a lot to boast about to other African countries. To take full advantage of all it has to off, rounded up here are the top favorite beaches.

1.      Watamu Beach

This beach is more secluded and unspoiled than almost all the other beaches in Kenya. With white sand and gorgeous turquoise water, this is arguably one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. This beach is also a breeding ground for several types of marine wildlife, including a variety of turtles. A ride on a glass bottom boat is a great way to enjoy the ocean life and the beautiful coral.

2.      Diani Beach

Diani is the most popular and beautiful beach in Kenya. This length stretch of beach is located on Indian Ocean coast, 30 Km south of Mombasa. The beach provides a tranquil haven where you can relax and enjoy the warmth of the sun. Diani is renowned for its coral-reefs, underwater sandbars, and widespread palm vegetation. The beach is a delightful location for swimming as well as surfing.

3.      Kiwayu Beach

This beach is known for simple luxury in a quiet and secluded atmosphere. It has been a popular getaway for celebrities. There are resorts with rustic Bandas for the adventurous traveller. There is an abundance of sea life in the area, including whales and dolphins. The cuisine here is a seafood lover’s dream. Much of the food consists of lobster, crab, tuna, cod, and rock oysters.

4.      Nyali

Nyali beach is one of Kenya’s best beaches that offer a calm and relaxing ambiance. The beach is located in Mombasa, surrounded by magnificent beach resorts that offer deluxe accommodation. Apart from the normal beach activities that you can do around Nyali like sunbathing, swimming and playing with sands and building sand castles, it’s also a good location for surfing. The beach is never overcrowded and offers lots of space for privacy.

5.      Lamu Beaches

Lamu Island is full of beautiful white sandy beaches, which are perfect for ultimate relaxation during vacation. Manda Bay and Shela beach are the most popular beaches in Lamu. These beaches are known for their picturesque views and peaceful ambiance. These beaches are surrounded by luxury resorts built around the ocean. These beach resorts offer visitors an exquisite place to have fun and relax during their holidays.




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