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5 Best Backpacking Destinations for Budget Travelers 2019

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From Thailand to Malawi, find out which places are amazing and at the same time affordable for backpackers, according to Trekeffect


For the best way to enjoy Thailand on a budget, head to the northern regions and inland- basically anyplace away from a beach. There backpackers can still enjoy tropical oasis and breathtaking exotic sights while only spending a few dollars a day.


Want beautiful Mediterranean views, architecture, and culture without the expensive price tag you’ll find in Italy or Greece? Albania is a wonderful alternative, with just as many beautiful beaches, cities, and museums at a fraction of the cost.


Costa Rica may be very English speaking friendly, but it’s increasing popularity as a tourist spot and retirement oasis have also caused prices to spike rather dramatically. Luckily, neighboring Nicaragua is the perfect alternative and offers plenty of Central American charm for backpackers without the hefty prices.



Nepal offers more than just living out of a backpack; the country’s has some of the world’s highest peaks and thousands of miles of backpacking trails and treks that are filled with mountain vistas and unending skies. Best of all, the trails are filled with lodges, temples, and houses that offer cheap accommodation, sights, and food


While the plane ticket to Africa might set you back, backpacking around Malawi is surprisingly cheap; you can easily survive off of less than $20 a day.

Getting around the country is much cheaper than getting there, and the budget prices mean you’re in for quite an adventure, from crowded buses to the beds of pick-up trucks or taxis.

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