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Mon. May 27th, 2019



5 Best Activities to do in Tokyo for Free

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From Sky Carrot Observation Floor to Scai the Bathouse, here are free things to do in Tokyo.

1.      Sky Carrot Observation Floor

The top floor of this extremely orange-coloured 26-storey building is a great place to enjoy amazing views toward the Bay Bridge while lounging on one of the comfy sofas. You’ll have to get something at the restaurant to see Shinjuku, the Skytree, and Odaiba, but the free section is impressive enough in itself.

2.      Suntory Musashino Free Brewery Tour

One of Japans most popular beer brands, Suntory is offering free brewery tours including beer tasting. Every tour is 70-minutes long. It consists of a 40-minute tour through the factory and 30 minutes of beer tasting.

3.      Morinaga Milk Tama Plant

Find out how your milk or juice is produced at a tour of Morinaga’s Tokyo factory. Guides take you through the entire process, after which you can see it for yourself through observing the machinery and workers. You’ll have to call in advance to participate, and go healthy – there’s a quick medical check-up before the tour.

4.      Hanabi Fireworks

You can watch fireworks all over the world but there is something special about the beauty of hanabi. July and August are known as hanabi season and offer the largest variety of fireworks. However, you will be able to find off-season firework festivals as well. The Hanabiryujon in Chofu held in autumn is just one example. Fireworks are very popular in Japan, and attract crowds of people, so make sure to come early in order to secure yourself a good spot.

5.      Scai The Bathhouse

Formerly a bathhouse (the building is over 200 years old), this high-ceilinged space in a charming neighbourhood near Ueno Park does a good line in modern exhibitions, both Japanese and international.



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