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5 Beautiful beaches in Greece

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Take a trip to these Greek beaches and be rewarded with some stunning views.

1.   Lindos Beach, Rhodes

Lindos Beach, arguably Rhodes’ most beautiful sunbathing spot. The history of the Greek Islands is one of the reasons which draws countless travelers to these shores every year. Lindos Beach has both history and beauty all rolled into one. Rising above the sands of the beach is the ancient Acropolis. The huge castle was fortified successively by the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines and also the Ottomans. This has left the area steeped in history, with some incredible places to explore.

2.      Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos

The beaches of Mykonos have won fame as the best in the Aegean, thanks to their crystalline waters and golden sand, not to mention multi-starred service and flawless organisation. One of the most impressive lives up to its name, Super Paradise, a vast sandy bay with translucent turquoise water. Dive in, open your eyes before you surface and you’ll know at once why it ranks as one of Greece’s most beautiful.

3.   Voidokilia Beach, Messinia

Voidokilia Beach is a natural semicircular strip of dunes which partly forms Gialova Lagoon. The beach, which forms the Greek letter Omega is also a protected bird sanctuary. This helps to keep this beautiful place free from the plagues of the modern age.

4.   Navagio Beach, Zakynthos

Navagio Beach, otherwise known as Shipwreck Beach is another of the most photographed spots in all of the Greek Islands. This beautiful sheltered piece of heaven easily makes the list of the best beaches in Greece.

5.   Mylopotamos Beach, Pelion

Mylopotamos Beach is a stunning white pebbled beach, which also boasts beautiful crystal blue waters. The beach itself is divided by rocks with a twisting and winding path leading to each part. There is a small tunnel which leads through the rocks connecting the two sides of the beach.

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