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5 Amazingly Cheap Destinations in 2019

Quangpraha / Pixabay

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From the small country of Georgia to Romania, discover the budget-friendly places to visit according to INDIE TRAVELLER.

Georgia (Caucasus)

It all starts in the eccentric capital of Tbilisi, where crumbling façades of traditional wooden Georgian houses stand next to Soviet-era architecture and daring contemporary designs.


Laos is sparsely populated, mountainous, and has nearly 70% forest coverage, and this makes it a paradise for outdoor activities like trekking, climbing, kayaking, zip-lining, and hot air ballooning — all at extreme budget prices.


While flights to Argentina will cover quite a distance for many, once you get there you’ll enjoy great value, despite some prices rising to match inflation. Oh, and it’s a delightful country to travel of course!


If you’re thinking of a trip to South Asia but don’t want quite the hassle of India, then Nepal is simply the place to go. Nepal also happens to be one of the world’s cheapest places for mountain trekking, whether that’s guided or independent.


The Transylvania region, in particular, defies expectations — with its cute medieval towns, ancient fortified churches, and spectacular Carpathian mountain range. It’s a beautiful country with great food and friendly people

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