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5 Accommodation Tips in Hong Kong

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Accommodation in Hong Kong is something that’ll probably be the heaviest chunk of your travel budget, which means you must do your homework.

1.     Try Guesthouses

If you don’t want to spend too much on your accommodation, your best bet is a guesthouse. Guesthouses in Hong Kong are clean, comfortable, and air-conditioned. Ensure your safety by staying in only licensed guesthouses. See the complete list of licensed guesthouses on Home Affairs Department’s official website

2.     Consider budget hotels

You can go for some decent budget hotels in Hong Kong. There have accommodation for every budget type

3.     Check out Tsim Sha Tsui

Most of the cheapest hotel accommodations are found in Tsim Sha Tsui area which is quite accessible to Mong Kok’s night market, Avenue of the Stars and Symphony of Lights plus several museums and a well-connected public transport system.

4.     Refundable deposit

Some hotels may ask for a refundable security deposit. If you’ve paid in cash, you’ll get the refund at the time of check-out, but if you’ve paid through card, it’ll reflect in your bank account in a week or so.

5.     Boarding houses may be an option

There are many signs that say “Boarding Houses: For short stay visits or tourists”. some of these are typically boarding houses, places where stay-out domestic helpers (yes, some of them don’t stay in their employers houses because they have no more space or want more privacy at night time). So to make more money, and avoid wasting an unoccupied bedroom some owners/tenants sublet these rooms. These are probably the cheapest way to stay in Hong Kong. However, Hong Kong has laws forbidding residential buildings or unregistered premises to be used as lodging houses.

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