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5 Halloween Getaways

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Where to head to celebrate Halloween…

1.      New Orleans

Book a New Orleans inn and head to the Big Easy for a unique and theatrical Halloween experience. New Orleans is widely considered the most haunted city in America as it is filled with historic homes, many with mysterious and often unsavory histories. The city is also home to many above-ground cemeteries. The wet conditions of the land mean the deceased must be buried in crypts above the ground. These cemeteries are so unearthly that they’re called “Cities of the Dead.” Visitors can take a guided tour of the city’s creepiest cemeteries as well as the haunted French Quarter and Vieux Carre neighborhoods.

2.      Six Flags Great Escape Lodge

The “Fright Fest Spooktacular” package at this indoor water park resort includes unlimited admission to the water park and 20 free arcade tokens per child. Plus, families have the run of the park’s Halloween entertainment, which includes haunted hayrides, wandering zombies, and a spooky street party.

3.      Dracula Castle, Romania

Few names have cast more terror into the human heart than Dracula. Bran castle is more popularly known as Dracula’s castle. This castle is been the inspiration of Bram Stoker for his countless horror movies and bloodcurdling tales of vampires. The prince of Wallachia Vlad the Impaler, is believed to be the real Dracula on whom the fiction character is based on. Vlad the Impaler was famous for his cruelty and torture; he supposedly killed thousands of his enemies and left their bodies to rot. Various tales have been associated with the castle and Vlad the Impaler. Today, the castle is open to public and you can book a Halloween tour to know more of this folklore.

4.      Red Jacket

This beachfront resort on the Nantucket Sound is idyllic in fall — and it has a Halloween party planned for both kids and the grown-ups. The Haunted Hotel weekend offers a dive-in movie at the indoor pool, treasure hunts, and supervised kids’ activities during the evening, so that parents can go to a live-music party of their own. There will also be “sightings” of a 19th-century captain and crew, whose ship was the original Red Jacket.

5.      Salem

Salem is widely considered one of the top Halloween destinations in America as well as one of the spookiest cities in the country. Every October, residents commemorate the witch trials of 1692 at the Haunted Happenings Festival. Attendees experience parades and re-enactments of the trials, and can even get their fortune read by a psychic. Visitors can also take in eerie attractions such as the Salem Witch Museum, Frankenstein’s Laboratory, and the Old Witch House, former home of witch trial Judge Corwin that has since been turned into a museum.


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